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Motorcycle training in Birmingham

Parking O Series provides the best motorcycle training in and around Birmingham. We have highly skilled instructors with more than 30 years of experience working in the field. You can come to us with any level of experience. We will take you right through the initial steps to the full licensing. Our courses are optimally structured so as to provide the trainees with a comprehensive learning experience. You can take the riding course at your own comfortable pace without feeling pressure of any kind.

If you already have some initial experience, you will not have to go through the full bike course. There is an alternative course for a shorter duration to help you acquire the license. Our company has been successful in maintaining an above 90% pass rate for the students. Riders from far and wide come to us for the highest standard of training. In fact, many of our students have been recommended by earlier trainees who liked the experience at Parking O Series. We aim at maintaining a friendly and cooperative environment during the training. Towards the end of the program, our instruction team will make sure that you have the required skill and confidence to take on even the busiest roads with complete safety.

There are a number of reasons why Parking O Series comes first in the line of motorcycle training institutions.

  • We have a very compact and talented team of world-class instructors
  • The instructors guide you through the process with complete patience
  • We maintain a helpful learning environment
  • You can choose from a fleet of motorcycles to use during the training
  • The courses are flexible and can be adjusted to fit your schedule
  • You can take some extra training during the weekend without having to pay an additional fee
  • We provide you with all the necessary safety equipment such as helmets and gloves.

Company Philosophy

Our main aim is not only to help you pass your licensing test, but to ensure that you receive a much higher standard of training. We make sure that you acquire all the necessary skills to have a completely safe and enjoyable riding experience. We try and make the learning process enjoyable, so as to make it easier for you to grasp the new skills and riding techniques. The riding course in Parking O Series will remain helpful to you throughout your life.

Before starting with the training, you can consult any one of the advisors to decide the best course for you. You will be trained according to your current riding ability. Furthermore, you can have the duration and the time of the course tailored according to your own personal needs. We charge reasonable fees for all the courses and also make sure that you receive the best value for your money. Regardless of whether you have any initial riding experience or not, we have you covered for all the courses. So if you are looking for a reliable motorcycle training institute in and around Birmingham, you can come straight to us for the safest and most affordable learning experience.

Parkin O Series only provide driving instruction for motorcycles. If you wish to learn to drive in a car in Birmingham please visit