CBT Training at Parking o Series

What is CBT?

CBT or the Compulsory Basic Training was introduced in the UK in December 1990 to reduce the rate of accidents among the motorcyclist. The training is a must for anyone who wishes to ride a scooter or a motorbike within the UK. The training program is structured so as to highlight safety while riding. The courses are geared towards teaching the trainees the necessary skills and aptitude to stay safe on the road. It is also mandatory to take up the CBT course before going in for any of the A1, A2 or other unrestricted A licenses.


At Parking O Series, we accept everyone for the Compulsory Basic Training without any tests for the riding abilities. We do however conduct an eyesight test. Effective vision at a distance of 20.5 meters is a must for all willing to take up the training. So novices, as well as experienced riders, can come in for the training. At the time of the joining, you will be required to produce your driving license as well as the national insurance number. Even a provisional license will do. The students are also expected to know the different highway codes at the time of joining. You will be given demonstrations and expert instructions to meet the safety standards while riding.


When the Compulsory Basic Training is completed, you will be given a DL196 certificate. This certificate remains valid for a period of two years and will allow you to drive up to 125 cc/14.6 bhp. When you complete the two years, you can either have the same certificate renewed or go into Direct Access Training for some additional experience. The L plates are displayed at the front as well as the rear of the motorcycle. So make sure that you go for a renewal upon the completion of every two years.

The course structure for CBT is inclusive of the five main elements as given below.

  1. Introduction to riding and briefing on helmets and clothing.
  2. On-site training on the control and maintenance of the machine.
  3. On-site riding
  4. Briefing on road safety
  5. On-road riding under instruction for at least two hours

These five steps during the Compulsory Basic Training are to be completed in sequence. There could also become minor variations to some of the elements. You can only move on to each of the following steps after you have successfully completed the previous ones. To make sure that you have acquired the necessary skills, the instructors may ask you to explain the theory and demonstrate the necessary skills.

The training usually starts at around 9 am in the morning and gets completed by evening. However, depending on the speed of learning, it may also take more than a day. When the CBT has been completed, you will be given a DL196 to validate your entitlements. For your convenience, we advise you to come in sturdy footwear and comfortable trousers on the day of the training. We will provide the safety equipment such as jackets, helmets, and gloves.